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Our Mentoring Programme

We like to express our appreciation to our Lord Jesus Christ, who has called us at this end time and given us a mandate to stand in gap, motivate and support fellow believers of all age to keep their home, marriage and destiny together. Singleness, marriage, children, motherhood, childcare, career paths, body image, chronic pain, abuse, addictions are some of the issues of life that – makes life
challenging, exciting, admiring and overwhelming at the same time. Our counselling and mentoring programme assist our members and people in the society at large to face these challenges by
seeking out the wisdom and experience of older people (men and Women) alike. It is the desire our desire that everyone have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. We will be committed to the authority and application of God’s Word, striving for God’s priorities and purposes for our lives, homes, families, church, and community at large. 
We therefore welcome you to call for assistance at any season you are. With the experience of our senior pastor and other seasoned pastors and well-groomed minsters, we aim to support and motivate. You.

My Godly Spouse

Finding the right choice of spouse has become challenging for our singles especially mature singles that due to a dark season of divorce, domestic violence or death of a spouse are saddled with the pressure of settling down again and finding a new partner.
Our Senior Pastor as a result of challenges faced in her course of counselling singles, has formed an online platform for Christian Singles all over the world to mingle and fellowship with other singles by tapping from their history and fellowship together with a view of finding a life partner. When looking to meet that special somebody, one of the most important factors to be considered is finding someone who shares your religion and belief. Not only will we assist to match you with someone that has the shared belief of Christianity with you,
you will be able to meet someone that shares your life interests, lifestyle, habits and hobbies as well. This will enable us to connect you with those whom you have the most in common with.

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